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The cookie definition is a file being loaded in your computer at time you access to some web sites. The cookies let to a web page stock and recollect information about the brows in internet of the users or your computer and depending of the information contented and of the form your computer is managed, can be used to recognize the user.

The present policy privacy creation obey to the need implanting a system which the user is plenty conscience of the cookies installation and use, just like have knowledge of the destiny and use of the brows data, can go to a small number of kilobytes and some megabytes.

In agreed of the amount cookies Management, the cookies can be:

–      The own cookies: are those sent to the user terminal computer from a dominium or computer manage for the own web site and from the computer giving the Service to the user.

–      Cookies of third persons: are those being sent to the terminal computer of the user from a computer or dominium is not manage by the editor, just by the independent identity. In this case the more representative example are the cookies provided by Google, these are denominated Google Analytics.

In the other side, agreed with the temporal terms the cookies can be activated, can be distinguished:

–      Session cookies: are those designed to collect and stock data while the user is browsing by the web site (for example, the product list acquired before of finalize a web purchase).

–      Persistent cookies: are those cookies stocking data in the user computer during an stablished time by the responsible of those cookies.

GOURMET SANI use cookies and files of monitoring, which let the use besides of facility and let the brows of the users, recovering statistical data like: first visit date, number of times you visit our web site, last visit date, URL and dominium of origin, explorer used and screen quality resolution. In concrete the session cookies are used and web analytic (Google analytics), with the finality of we can measure and analyze the web site visits. These last information gotten will be treated by Google conforming its privacy policies, being able to be consulted in the follow links:

·         Privacy Policy of Google Analytics:

The cookies are not installed in the user computer in any case, overcoming you manifest the choice of browse in the web site through one of the follow options:

–      Move around of a vertical form.

–      Click in any point of the link connection in the web site.

–      Be in the web site more time than 15 seconds.

In all moment the user will be able to avoid the cookies installation and generation in his/ her terminal computer through the correspondent option election in his/ her browse program.

Block or delete the cookies
You can let, block or delete the installed cookies in you computer through options browse configuration installed in your computer.

You can see more information about your browser and cookies at the following links:



Internet Explorer :





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