The present general use conditions and contracting (from this moment “general conditions”) will be driven by the privacy policy, access and use for the website owner of Web and its dominium (from this moment “web site”). At the same time the products and servicescontractingwill be done through this mail. By this media the present general conditions the user express:

  1. a. You have read, understand here what it is exposed;
  2. b. You are a person bigger than 18 years old and with the enough capacity to hire;
  3. c. You get the compromise with all the demands here exposed.

The use of the web site confers the web site user condition (from this moment “the user”) and involves all the terms acceptation included in this general conditions. The user must read with attention the present general conditions everytime you get into the web site. This web site and the general conditions can suffer modifications.

The titular web site is reserved the faculty to develop in any moment and without pre advise make changes, modifications or actualizations of the contents and the services of the present general conditions and, in general, of the elements involving the web site design and configuration.


Fulfilling with stablished regulations in the article of the law 34/2002, 11 of June, services of the information society and electronic commerce. At continuation we offer the general information of the web site:


C/ LA ZARZA S/N, Almendralejo(Badajoz), España.

C.I.F.: B-06652846


Datos registrales: REGISTRO MERCANTIL DE BADAJOZ, TOMO 580, FOLIO 131, HOJA: BA-25333

2. Use Conditions:

2.1. Web Site Acces

The Access to the web site is free. Be more than 18 years old is required, we are trading with alcoholic drinks. Please leave the web site in the case be less than the age demanded.

2.2. Registration Needs

With general character, to the services and contains access of the web site, will not be necessary the user registration. Nevertheless the use of determinate services and contains can be condition at the previous registration of the user.

The information introduced by the user must be current, real and true. The user registered will be responsible in all moment of the custody of the password, assuming the consequence of any damage and prejudice could be of wrong use or password loosing or cession. To these effects, the restricted areas and/or the use of the services and contains developed under the password of the registered users will be esteemed by the user and who will answer in all case for that access and use.

Following the article 26 of the Organic Law Protection of Data (LOPD), its data has been written in a file supervised by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.

2.3. Web Site Norms Regulation

The user is obligated to use the web site and all the content and services conforming to the law stablishing ethic and public order and the present general conditions. In that fact, the user is obligated to the adequate use of the contents and services of the web site and no manipulate to develop illegal activities or constitutive of crime, attempting against the rights of thirds and/or not fulfilling with the law of intellectual property and industrial.

The user is obligated to don’t transmit, introduce, or spread and transmit the information to others the material, contents and information (data, contents, messages, paints, files of images and sounds, pictures, photos, software, etc.…) being opposite to the law, the ethic, the public order and the present general conditions. At the advisement tittle and in no limitative case or selective, the user is commitment to:

  1. I.- Don´t introduction or spread the content, or racist advisement, xenophobic, pornographic, terrorism apology or attempt against the human rights.
  2. II.- Don´t introduction or spread the data programs in the red (virus and damaging software) being sensitive of provocative damage in the informatics systems of the access suppliers, its suppliers or third users in the red internet.
  3. III.- Don’t spread, transmit or third disposition of any kind of information, element or contain attempt against of the main rights and the public liberties recognized constitutionally and the international agreements.
  4. IV.- Don`t spread, transmit or leave in third hands any kind of information, element or content constituting illegal advisement.
  5. V.- Don`t spread advisement not demanded or authorized, publicity advisement, <>, <>, <>, or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas (such as commercial spaces) have been exclusively developed for that.
  6. VI.- Don’t introduce or spread any information and false contents, ambiguous or not exact of form inducing at mistakes to the information receptors
  7. VII.- Don’t supplant to other users using their registration passwords the distinctive services and/or contents of the web site.
  8. VIII.- Don´t spread, transmit or have in third hands any kind of information, element or content supposing brands and patents, copyright, industrial and intellectual rights of the owners of the web site property violation.
  9. IX.- Don´t spread, transmit or leave in third hands any kind of information, element or content supposing a communication secret or about the legislation data protection.
  10. The user is obligated to keep uninjured to Winery Sani Primavera S.L. before possible reclaims, fault, or sanction, being possible can become to support as consequence of not fulfilling any of the anterior norms indicated, reserving besides Winery Sani Primavera S.L. the right of demand the damage solicitation and corresponding prejudice.

2.4. Responsibility Exclusion

Winery Sani Primavera S.L. not assumes any responsibility about this web site set up to keep the information actualized. It doesn’t guarantee the advised information is concrete and complete. However, the user must confirm the advised information has to be concrete, complete before take any decision associated with any service or content described in this web site.

The user Access to the web site doesn`t involve to Winery Sani Primavera S.L. the obligation of control the virus absence, or any other damage informatics element. Correspond to the user, in all the case, the tool adequate disposing to the detection and disinfection of damage informatics programs.

Winery Sani Primavera S.L. is not responsible of the produced damages in the software and the informatics systems of the users of thirds during use the offering services in the web site.

Winery Sani Primavera S.L. is not responsible of the any other damage or prejudice in the user bringing fails, or not connections in the telecommunications reds causing the suspension, cancelling or interruption of the web site services during the same service or with previous character.

2.5. Contents and services linked in the Web Site

The access Service to the Web Site include technical dispositive links, directories, and even searching instruments letting to the user access to other web sites and internet portals (from this moment “linked portals”). In these cases, Winery Sani Primavera S.L. only will be responsible of the contents and provided services linked to the portals in the media having effective illegality and don`t have unplugged the link with the effective diligence. In the case the user consider existing a link portal with illegal contains or inadequate, it will be able to be communicated to Winery Sani Primavera S.L. without, in any case, this communication involve cancel the link.

In any case the existence of portal linked must be suppose the formalization of agreements with the responsible or the owners of these, neither the recommendation, promotion, nor identification of Winery Sani Primavera S.L. with the manifestations, contents or supplying services.

Winery Sani Primavera S.L. doesn’t recognize the contents or services of the linked portals and, for it, Winery Sani Primavera S.L. is not responsible of the produced damage for the illegality, quality, unset up, lack of disposition, mistake and directly attributable or inutility of the contents and/or of the linked portals, neither for any other damage not being directly involved to Winery Sani Primavera S.L.

In the suppose the user can consent or can be re-driven to the linked portals letting the contracting services or products, the user knows Winery Sani Primavera S.L. is working like intermediary making easier the access to those portals linked and in not moment Winery Sani Primavera S.L. is responsible directly or indirectly, neither subsidiary of the damage and prejudice of any nature derivate of the free using, contracting the services and products of thirds companies, at the same time the lawfulness, dependability, utility, true, precision, exhaustiveness and currently of the same services of those third companies. With advisement character, in any limitative case, Winery Sani Primavera S.L. will not be responsible of the damage and prejudice of any nature derived of the compliance defective lacks or the not fulfilling contractual compromises acquire by those thirds, Winery Sani Primavera S.L. will not be responsible of the realization of disloyal competence and illegal advisement; the inadequacy and the defrauding consumer about the service and products expectative; or any kind of defect or depravation.

2.6. Intellectual and Industrial Property

All the web site contents, understanding for them, merely enunciated, the text, pictures, graphics, icons, technology, software, links and the rest of the audiovisual and sound contents, at the same time the graphic design and source code are the intellectual property of Winery Sani Primavera S.L. or third companies without can be understood like given up to none user of the exploitation rights recognized by the current normative subject of the intellectual property about this.

The brands and commercial names or distinctive signs are property of Winery Sani Primavera S.L. or third companies without can be understood the access to the Web Site confer any rights about them.

For the acceptation of these general conditions, the used give up to Winery Sani Primavera S.L. the free form and in exclusive all the exploitation rights about the articles, commentaries and opinions (from this moment “the contents”) the user advise or which publication authorize in the Web Site. This cession will understand developed in the worldwide ambit, without any limitation, and for the maximum duration period registered in the Real legislative decree 1/1996, 12 of April, the text blended approved in the property intellectual, regularizing, clearing and harmonized to the legal current dispositions about the subject. Winery Sani Primavera S.L. will be able to exploit the reproduction rights, transformation, distribution and communication public of the contents, in the wider sense recognized by this law.

The user affirm dispose of the all the rights of the intellectual property about the articles, commentaries and commentaries concreted, it is obligated to assume all reclaims and responsibilities, including compensations for damage and prejudice, any third person or Company can practice against Winery Sani Primavera S.L. for consider transgress its rights for any of the actions derived of the obligations the user get directly or indirectly with these general conditions.

At The same time, the user is obligated to keep uninjured to Winery Sani Primavera S.L. against any prejudice can suffer or a third person as consequence of the formalization rights cession regulated in this clause.

2.7 Cookies.

To manage our web we will need use cookies.

Have more consulting about our Cookies Policy

3. Contracting Conditions

3.1. Purchase Procedure

Our Virtual Shop will let you buy of an easy, secure and comfortable form.

1. Browse in our Shop.

Buy in Gourmet Sani is very easy. The complete purchase procedure needs less than 5 minutes and purchase and delivery guaranty is full.

When you wish to add a new Wine to your purchase basket, you will have to pulse in the purchase button.

If you wish more information about the Wine chosen, pulse link products details, and your will visualize the tasting technical sheet.

2. Order Processing.

Pulse in the menu option << Order Processing>>.

• If you are new user, the system requests the information necessary to processing the delivery and invoice. Once a time the first order is processed, the system will give you the option to register it, which it will avoid in the future the task of introduce all the information again of all the purchase data you can develop.

• If you are client of, the system will demand from you the identification.

3. Choose your payment form.

The system will present in the screen a perform invoice with all the order information and will let you choose the payment form.

Transference banking payment: If you choose this payment form, you must transfer the import of your order. Once a time it has been executed and proved the payment in our bank, we will proceed to send your order.

Paypal payment: if you choose this payment form, the system will connect directly with the paypal platform to introduce the user information in the paypal account, of a total secure form.

• DONE!!!
You will receive the delivery confirmation in your mail.

3.2. Prices and payment forms

All the prices are published: the products and also the transport costs in the web site. Just in the case you indicate us, all the prices are with the correspondent IVA. The user must pay the purchases through banking transference or paypal.

Check the delivery costs in the follow link: Delivery Costs

3.3. Orders Delivery

The products acquired by the user will be sent through currier Company Service used by Winery Sani Primavera SL. In the order realization the name of the currier and the purchase prices are included. To such effects, the communication of the delivery address information will be transmitted to Winery Sani Primavera S.L. which is the company product supplying to the correct order realization. The transfer, communication and use of those data will be unique for delivery processing in the web site Winery Sani Primavera S.L.

The order deliveries will be developed in the consignee address facilitated by the user in the order formulary. Winery Sani Primavera S.L. will not assume any responsibility when the delivery of the product is not processed correctly for the false information transmitted by the user. In such effect, Winery Sani Primavera S.L. will not assume the responsibility when the causes are external, for example the absence of the user in the facilitated address for example.

3.4 Communications

When an user demand an order in our web site, Winery Sani Primavera S.L. will inform you about it in the contact mail (additionally the phone number) for the correct monitoring. To the correct monitoring the user will use the order number included in the purchase confirmation mail facing the communication with Winery Sani Primavera S.L.

3.5 Guaranties and devolution rights.

Order Cancellation: Write to the mail indicating the order information or well, calling to the client attention number (+34) 924 67 79 17. Always before making the banking transference, later devolutions will be not admitted.

No refunds orders allowed.

4. Clauses Nullity and Inefficacy

If any clause included in these present general conditions were declared total or partially invalid or inefficacy, such nullity or inefficacy will only affect to the disposition framed or in the share resulting invalid of inefficacy, subsisting the present general conditions in the rest and having in consideration such disposition total or partially for not be included.

5. Applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction

These general conditions are regulated by the Spanish laws. The parts are suppressed to its election to the conflicts resolution and with renounce to any other regional code of laws, to the tribunal and courts of the user address. In case of relative controversies to the online advisement and contracting, data protection, minors protection and accessibility, the user will be able to go to the controversies extrajudicial resolution, being the advisement judge and the Consume arbitral national assembly.

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