In the user Access to the internet portal and the sale participation of the products offered through of the web site can involve a treatment of data of personal character. To WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. review a great importance of normative fulfilling about the data of personal character and about the information society and electronic trade.

For it, in virtue of the organic rule 15/1999 of 13 of December of the personal character protection data and the rule 34/2002 of 31 of July of Society Services information and electronic trade, the user accept to the personal data provided in the user registration, or any other facilitated information to WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. to the access to some present services in the web site are incorporated to nomination of this company, with the finality of making easier the correct users identification demanding the given services to the basic tasks of administration, just referring commercial communications about the product/ services can be of your interest, now and in the future, for any media, including the electronic.

In general case, WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. guaranty fulfilling with the legal current guidelines in area of personal character protection and into other things, Winery Sani Primavera S.L. has notified the file object about data of personal character of the users in the General Spanish Register Agency of data protection.

At the same time WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. is commitment to fulfill with the obligation secret of personal character data and the confidentiality treatment of those data assuming, to these effects, the technical indole, organizational and the security needed avoiding the alteration, loos, treatment or no authorized, in agreement with the stablished in the prevailing normative of personal data protection, and besides the apply legislation.

The user will be responsible to provide the real and licit information in the formulary registration, WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. reserving the rights to exclude to all users providing false data, without prejudice of the rest of the actions can procced in right. Besides the user is commitment to inform to WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. of any change produced in the user information with the objective the identity can keep being set up just is demanded by the prevailing normative.

In the case the registration involves the password assignation to the user, these will be commitment to use taking care and keep in secret this data. The users are responsible of the confidentiality of the passwords and other personal data WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. provide and the users are commitment to don’t transfer, don’t let the use to third persons, of a temporal or indefinite manner. It will be responsibility of the user the licit use of this web site services by a third person and not losing or making an illicit use of this web site.

The user must communicate to WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. of an immediately manner of any circumstance can suppose a not licit passwords or others objects, such as for example the loos or robbery. In such circumstance WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. will be exempt of any responsibility can derivate of the wrong use of third persons are not authorized to use the passwords.

The user gives the consent to, with motive to have a contracting closed and with the expression of a previous authorization, the referring data communication in the delivery address and bank account to the contracting correspondent side at finalize the offer period of WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. any registered user can in any moment practice the right to access, make rectifications and in his/her case, cancel his/her personal character information supplied, driven to WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. with social address in La Zarza street without number S/N; in the postal code 06200; in the population of Almendralejo- Badajoz province will be attended in the concrete identification of the user.

At the same time and in virtue of the rule 34/2002 of 31 of July of the information society and the electronic commerce, the user accepts the communication in his/her mail address. WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. can use this mail to send commercial communication or advisement communication or promotional information to the mail of the user or any other media relative to the product service of the Winery.

For instance WINERY SANI PRIMAVERA S.L. inform to the user can cancel this kind of communications following the instructions appearing at the end of all our mail or communicating it in our mail

BODEGA SANI PRIMAVERA, S.L. ha sido beneficiaria del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional cuyo objetivo es mejorar el uso y la calidad de las tecnologías de la información y de las comunicaciones y el acceso a las mismas. Gracias a que ha rediseñado y optimizado su plataforma de comercio electrónico durante 2020, consiguiendo una mejora de competitividad y productividad de la empresa. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del programa TICCámaras de la Cámara de Comercio de Badajoz.
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