CORTE REAL WHITE WINE – 6 bottles box

CORTE REAL WHITE WINE – 6 bottles box


ELABORATION: The grape is harvested in trailer at night avoiding the hottest hours of the day.

We have a soft pressing in the pneumatic press we getting the flower must. We have a pre fermentative maceration process during 24 hours at 12º C. The day after, we separate the cleanest parts of the must and we start the fermentation at 15º C to the end of the process. The next step is the coupage between the two varieties: Sauvignon Blanc and Muscatel.

Before bottling, we have the phase of clarified, stabilized and precipitated avoiding posits and bitartrate in this last process. All is made with the biggest care and having the five senses in. At the end we have an amazing wine.


  • COLOR: yellow pale color with green touches. Clean and shine with very sparkly color.
  • NOSE: Very expressive wine with fine aromas to fresh white flowers. Tropical green fruits and pulp of yellow flowers.
  • MOUTH: pleasant and unctuous. We have floral notes predominance, with certain herbaceous and floral connotations. Very balance acidity.

“All is harmonized and balanced in a sensations and aromas explosion”

WINE PAIRING: these two varieties are the queens of the white wines, making of, a white wine easy to be pairing.

GASTRONOMY: really good to be shared with friends, family and even alone. Every moment day is perfect to have fun with Corte Real.


The unit price is 9€. For sale in 6 units boxes.

Complete your order with our boxes. Ideal for gifts.


GRAPE VARIETY: Muscatel and Sauvignon Blanc

GRAPE ORIGIN: The wine origin is the land of Extremadura


WINE KIND: White Young Wine



WINE DENOMINATION: Wine from the land of Extremadura

GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Wine from Tierra de Barros (mud land) – Extremadura – Spain

BOTTLE DESIGN: Bordalesa Vintage



Weight 10 kg

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